Getting stuck in ...

A few weeks ago, our garden shed was moved from the site of our rental property up to our lot. It was rather muddy and the truck got stuck rather severely. Here are some pictures ...

The truck arrives ... aaaaand gets stuck!

We try adding some plywood ...

Voila, that worked a treat!
The truck moves to the back of the section, and the crane is mobilised ...

Straps are placed around the shed, ready for lifting.

We have lift off!

... and a smooth landing.
... and now, we're REALLY stuck!

We try everything, including giving the big truck a small hand with the Pajero. It doesn't budge!

So we get the pickup truck in on the action!

and PULL!!!

and ... erm ... snap! BTW, that was a 3-4 tonne rated winch cable, the winch was pulling both the Pajero and the pickup truck towards the bigger truck (which was trying to push forward), and all the driving wheels were spinning on all vehicles! It was impressive to watch.

The kids weren't that impressed!

Then a bright spark came up with the idea of adding a wee bit of gravel to the truck wheels.

And that did the trick ... the smallest is most certainly the mightiest!

The truck then makes its way up to our lot.
Up the hill it goes ...
And back into our site.

And there is where it rested until more gravel was spread on our site so it can move to its final resting place. 

The following pictures were taken a few weeks later - however we used the digger instead to move it rather than call the HIAB truck, we migh have scared that guy anyway :)

Stay on target!

... there she rests again, for now.

Never a dull moment here at Atamai - pity I had to go back to work after each of those events :)

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