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Viva Le Soleur

The days are short and time is flying. We move out of our rental by mid September. How exciting if not a bit trepiditious, what adventures will we face next. Sobering it is to think that this time last year we hadn't yet fathomed moving out of Christchurch, let alone be living in an eco village in Motueka. We eagerly await our next chapter, moving to our land and building our new life.

We have spent the better part of the last few weekends shifting stuff out from our garden shed back into our container. Seems like a pointless exercise, but I assure you there is a reason to our madness. Our landlord has decided to purchase a large garage which will be located in the position of our shed. Hence we had to relocate all the items in that shed to somewhere before we move up to our lot ... aha, the container! But as it so happens, we had already sold our container to a local dude. He was nice enough to let us have the use of it temporarily as we make the shuffle up to our lot, and then…