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Fridging good

Hello readers,

Winter has set in well and truly for Motueka, however not quite as bad as what our friends and family have been experiencing in Christchurch of late - what with all that recent snowfall and all. We didn't have any snow here during the recent storms, but we did experience quite heavy rain fall and relatively cool temperatures. The hills beyond us however are snow capped which makes for a beautiful view.

The heatpump has been going flat tack, and so has the oil column heater in the corridor to take the chill away. The electricity bill turned up this month for less than $300 however, which isn't too bad for this house with no underfloor insulation and little ceiling insulation. I expect this will likely increase in the next month however.

House Design

We are pretty busy with reading up on architecture and pattern language and how to design our future home. The aim is to work out how to build a not-so-big-house that will be both a cozy home and affordable. We want to…