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Bouncing into Spring!

Howdy folks :)  ... how quickly time flies, especially so when you're having great fun!  We are experiencing the change of the seasons and we are now in spring, heading for an exciting summer ahead.

Firstly we got ourselves a letter box -  hurrah! Rather mundane you might say, but up till now we have been borrowing our neighbour's letter box (the address we previously stayed at), which was usually stuffed full of our numerous online purchases. Now we can stuff our own :)

So what you do you when you get a letter box? Obviously you try and post your brother somewhere else! Fortunately for him, she forgot to attach the correct number of stamps.

We know it is spring because these strange things started appearing on our hill. We seeded it last season after some earthworks were done, nice to have our own little meadow.

Don't ask me for their names :)

Of course now that the weather is starting to warm up again, it is an opportune time for us to explore the beginnings of our foo…