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Wundabah Wasser!

Howdy folks, long time no blog :)
Things have certainly been ticking along nicely in the Atamai Eco Village.
Firstly I got proper internet to our site, not the overpriced 3G joke that I was putting up with previously. Now I've got a microwave dish that points to a radio tower on the hill, and I get "good enough" download/upload speeds at low latency ... great for VoIP (internet telephone) which works well.

We also got our lower rainwater collection tank installed. I really can't get enough of them cranes and diggers ... check out the pics below:

 At the same time the header tank was put in. Here you see a piture of two header tanks for two lots (one is ours), both of which will also be buried.

They are equipped with a maze of piping and valves to feed our site as well as the neighbouring site. The end aim would be to have a network of water tanks around that will enable all lots in the village to be water self sufficient, in addition to having central repositorie…