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Exciting times to be alive and kickin!

So much is happening around here at Atamai Village. With the trees bursting with juicy organically grown fruits and the produce box delivery system finding its way into reality, we are getting a steady stream of our food directly from the land around us. This is very gratifying and enables us the tangible benefits of having the bulk of our weekly produce grown locally. We still strive to attain greater levels of self sufficiency as we progress our eco life

Many villagers have been busy bottling and preserving ripe fruits, which will hopefully enable the summer season to stretch further. We have found it enriching to eat with the seasons, even if at times we have more Basil than we know what to do with - but that's what pesto is for :) 

We have also had a steady flow of visitors; both friends from Christchurch as well as visitors to Atamai. Most of the times we welcome them, but other times we just tell them to go  jump in the lake! This …