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Garden Galore

Howdy folks! The 20th of October 2014 marks the date of my previous post nearly a year ago. Much has happened since then!

One of the biggest changes we have experienced since moving to Atamai, is the expansion of our efforts in the vegetable garden. It has been no trivial exercise going from small “square foot” gardens in our city house in Christchurch, to our current vege garden of approximately 80m2. Last year we managed to successfully grow approximately 40m2 and we are doubling that this year, all going well. We have adopted (for now) a rotation system from Kay Baxter at Koanga Institute in the North Island. This system divides the garden into 4 equally sized sections that each consist of legumes/nitrogen fixers, heavy feeders and 2 sections for grains. The grains are there to build up carbonaceous material that will be used for the compost, and at the same time getting some grains for our consumption and for future planting. Our bulk grains are still sourced externally. Below you …