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Making a Man Cave

Hello friends. We have had exciting developments happen over the last few weeks which I would like to share.

Firstly we moved out of our rental house (Stage 0) and moved into 3 cabins and a small wooden shed on Lot 6 - we are officially on our own land!! Certainly is quite a change going from a generous sized 230m2 home in Christchurch, to 100m2 rental, and now somewhere in the order of 40m2 living on site .... it takes getting used to, but we are exploring our adaptability even with two young kids. This epic move marks Stage 1 of our move to our land, which is reminiscent of passing through the eye of the needle :)

Secondly we have been witnessing the birth of our pole shed. In a previous post I mentioned that we were building a post and beam weatherboard shed which will eventually become our garage and workshop/craft room area. The work on this has been steadily progressing and things have been rather busy. We have hired a team of two highly skilled builders - Kenny and Ray, and the…