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We are in!

Oh gosh, where did 2013 go?

So much has happened this year it is hard to fathom the amount we have managed to achieve, and yet more what we still need to achieve. We broke ground at about April 2013 to build our house. The build progressed for better and for worse with many testing and memorable moments. Just a week before Christmas 2013 we moved in. The house isn't quite finished, but it is liveable, comfortable and a "tad" more spacious than our 25m2 apartment which we have lived in for the past year.

I know what you're thinking, 25m2 sounds like pure torture, especially with two young children. But instead we have come through with a great sense of achievement. The small space taught us a lot about space optimization and efficiency. We used loft beds to increase the space in the room and plywood sheets to partition the room into a kitchen, dining, bedroom and lounge, with the wardrobe under the main queen loft bed. We had a hose coming into the unit a…