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Generation X

Time sure flies when you are having fun. For those of you anticipating my next posts, I apologise for the time lag for this one.

Winter is upon us and the mercury is falling - fleeces, jerseys, and duvets abound. However it is still relatively moderate as the sun here is nice enough to poke its head up quite often and the place heats up pretty easily. We are giving the heat pump a good run for the money, it's doing well. The thing about this place is that for every 2-3 days of rain there is usually about 1-2 weeks of sunshine - nothing to complain about really, especially when our water tanks fill up during the rain.

I haven't got bored yet, in case you were wondering. We are still settling into village life and there is much happening around the place. I even had a visit from my Christchurch friend Edward who was up mountain biking the Heaphy Track. I gave him a whirlwind tour of Atamai as he only had a few hours in Atamai before it went dark. Thanks for the visit Ed, hope yo…