Singing out loud

It's now been nearly two months since we have come to Atamai, we haven't had much time to even blink.

I joined the local St. Peter Chanel Catholic church choir and am having great fun. It turns out to be a wonderful way to really get to know your fellow parishioners and embed one-self into the community. I have huge respect for everybody there as they sing with such passion, and love a good challenging SATB four part harmony. There is an obvious age gap but that doesn't much bother me, many of them seem younger at heart than I am at most times. I'm also impressed with the pianist and choir master who seem incredibly talented, and a delight to work with.

The choir is doing a combined concert with another local church - together they have run this concert annually ever since they featured on "Praise Be" some 3 years ago. The combined choir this year comprises a 16+ member brass band (which is quite a treat) as well as amassing over 30 members making up the choir. I was expecting to be a lone tenor, but not here - I have tenor friends. I've even scored myself a solo part in one of the pieces, hope I don't let them down.

... and that's just the singing part of my life.

I've also involved myself with the group of people designing Atamai Village (the Atamai Planning Board). It's an incredibly fluid and dynamic process and there is much ground to cover (quite literally) - not many people can say they have been involved in living in an eco-village yet alone designing one; I feel quite privileged. The methodology that has been employed to facilitate this project is called Prince2 (or PRojects IN Control Environments 2). It is a method of organising projects on this scale and ties into many aspects of village design including - resource management, vesting, earthworks, land use, renewable energy, food crops, energy crops, water design, energy storage and distribution ... and list goes on. Each of those makes up a grouping of "business products", and each of those products may end up with smaller sub products. This summary is probably not doing it much justice, but I will spell more of the details out in due course.

... to infinity and beyond, eh :)

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