Moving the Piano ...

After living in our container for nearly 4 weeks, it was time for the piano to come into the warm folds of the house. But how do you move a 200-300 kg awkward object like a piano up a >1m deck?

 ... use a HIAB pickup truck, of course!
Rob, our resident engineer guy had one that could lift 1 tonne - perfect! So here is the process:

Step 1: Mosey on the truck close to the container, nuzzle the crane into it, and lift up the piano with nice and wide straps. There was "just" enough clearance for the crane to lift it up.
Step 2: Carefully maneuver the the piano unto the pickup truck.

Step 3:  Ride the pickup truck and steady the crane and piano, just like a regular cowboy does.

Step 4: Get close to the deck, lift the piano up and get it unto the deck.

Step 5: The piano rests on the deck and awaits the lifting team to get it inside the house.

Ah yes ... the lifting team. I put out the word on the village loop for volunteers to assist with carrying the piano into the house. The 6 of us made light work of the beast.

The result? ....

Step 6: Tada!  ... an excellent performance, if I may say so.

Now I want to buy my own crane ... :)

ps: Sorry for the over exposed shots - the camera wasn't on wife mode.

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